India & Indian Ocean

Stretching from the Hindu Kush mountain ranges in the North to the southern tip of Kanyakumari on the Indian Ocean, the “Subcontinent” is epic in size and astonishing in its variety, diversity and vibrancy of landscapes, cultures and experiences. Amazing wildlife, beautiful coastlines, ancient temples, imposing palaces and dramatic forts define this part of world. From Everest in Nepal to India’s rugged hills and bustling markets, down to the amazing hill country of Sri Lanka, a warm welcome always awaits from the people here. With its brilliant colors, spiritual festivals, intricate spicy curries, jungle retreats, undulating landscapes and golden beaches, its no surprise that the intoxicating Indian Subcontinent is a firm favorite for a luxury holiday. Whether you’re looking for a romantic houseboat in the idyllic Kerala backwaters, living the life of a Maharaja in a converted palace, spotting the elusive tiger, leopard or rhino next to your exclusive glamping lodge, retreating to a Ayurveda and yoga wellness retreat in Goa or embarking on a spirit uplifting motor bike odyssey thru Leh & Ladakh in the Himalayas, we can plan your perfect trip to this iconic part of the world. Besides India, our favorite luxury and adventure escapes include the exotic Kingdom of Bhutan, “the happiest place on earth!”, and Sri Lanka, where a spectacular train journey takes you past bright green tea plantations, jungle-covered temples and tropical beaches. The Indian ocean jewel of the Maldives is the ultimate luxury beach paradise destination, with its turquoise waters, powder white beaches and uber luxury over-water villas.

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Bhutan is a mysterious country and one of the last true unspoilt countries on earth. With its misty mountains, turquoise rivers, whispering forests and sweeping plateaus, this Buddhist kingdom remains one of the world’s most mysterious and alluring countries. Tucked away between Tibet and India in the eastern Himalayas, this Himalayan Kingdom is packed with […]



India…Nowhere else quite comes close to it. A country by name, but a continent in scale, India in one word is – diversity. Pretty much indisputably the most vibrant country on Earth, India can conjure up a multitude of conflicting emotions during any stay. As a result, it’s not everybody’s cup of chai, but those […]



Whether it’s the perfect honeymoon or an uber luxury family holiday you’re craving, the Maldives, with its pristine white sands, palm-fringed castaway islands and crystal clear waters, is heaven on earth. The Maldives is correctly regarded as one of the world’s most exclusive beach destinations with fantastic hotels to match. And we do not say […]


Sri Lanka

Situated below the southern tip of India, Sri Lanka is an exotic tear drop shaped island offering tons of attractions including culture, beaches and nature, making for a perfect destination for a luxury holiday. This small country, packs plenty in: intriguing traditions, beautiful landscapes, perfect beaches, incredibly friendly people, dynamic towns full of fascinating temples […]

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