• Bensley Collection – Shinta Mani Wild is a luxury tented camp set amongst 400 acres of lush forest overlapping 3 national parks. This is the first private wildlife and nature reserve in Cambodia, located around 3 hours from Phnom Penh or Sihanoukville and part of the prestigious National Geographic Unique Lodges of the World Collection.
  • Arrive at the lodge by zip line, soaring over the property’s rushing waterfall and landing at the bar, where a bubbling gin and tonic awaits.
  • Riverfront boulders form soothing spa “rooms;” natural rock pools double as champagne chillers during tailgate time; and the forest is both nature park and kitchen pantry, host to foragers, trekkers, and kayakers alike.
  • Days here can be spent exploring the picturesque surrounding forest and waterways, keeping an eye out for local wildlife and learning about the fascinating biodiversity.
  • Join rangers from the Wildlife Alliance on their anti-poaching patrol, and set camera traps to monitor the local populations of clouded leopards, sun bears, and elephants.
  • Sink into a soaker tub on your private veranda, and mix up a libation of your own creation with your tent’s personal cocktail-making kit.
  • Step aboard the lodge’s private “yacht” for a glide across Cambodian backwaters, and float in the boat’s wake on a tubing excursion in the wild.
  • Discover the jungle’s edible bounty on a foraging walk, plucking everything from fruits and roots to herbs and ants, and use what you’ve found in a private cooking class.


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  • Daily complimentary buffet breakfast for two.
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Bensley Butlers

Great guests deserve great butlers — and you’ll find both here. Part guide, part friend, part valet, part mindreader: Shinta Mani Wild’s Bensley Butlers will anticipate your needs before you do. They’ll suggest unforgettable bespoke activities to suit your tastes and fitness — and they’ll even accompany you on your adventures, from motorbike rides to boat trips, to help you get maximise each experience. Of course, they’ll also play the classic role of butler with aplomb, too, spoiling you by unpacking and packing your luggage, serving drinks and food, and fulfilling your ad-hoc requests. Fitness fans, take note: Shinta Mani Wild is building a jungle gym for its staff; join your butler on the monkey bars if muscles permit. Please note: guests are not allowed to take their butler home with them.

Expedition Boats

Traverse wild waterways and waterfalls aboard one of Shinta Mani Wild’s seven luxury boats, designed by Bill Bensley himself. Crafted from wood and metal, each vessel has a fully-equipped bar and a top deck with a daybed, a sunroof and sun loungers. Go kayaking in the upper reaches of the estuary, seeking prawns and giant crabs, while your butler fires up the barbecue.

Anti-Poaching Patrol

Shinta Mani Wild works closely with the Wildlife Alliance: the non-profit organisation helps catch poachers and illegal loggers. The camp funds an on-site ranger station; adventurous guests can head out with the rangers on motorbikes, spending a day with them as they clear the forests of snares and mines. You might even be invited to a midnight mining raid! Guests seeking a more mild experience can set off on shorter Jeep safaris, snare-viewings and trips to the ranger station.

Camera Trapping

Join Shinta Mani Wild’s resident naturalists – graduates from the Royal University of Phnom Penh – as they check their camera traps to monitor local wildlife. Findings are recorded at the research centre within the Wildlife Alliance’s ranger station, which guests can visit.

Foraging Cooking Class

Join Shinta Mani Wild’s resident chef, Kian, on one of his daily foraging expeditions for traditional herbs and produce. Back at boutique basecamp, you’ll cook up your finds (with Kian’s help) in Shina Mani Wild’s state-of-the-art kitchen, before sitting down and enjoying your meal with fellow guests. Guests can also sign up for a private cookery class with Kian, or arrange a bespoke culinary experience.


Explorers, rejoice: Shinta Mani Wild has hundreds of acres of unspoiled, off-the-beaten-track terrain that’s begging to be explored on foot. You can set the pace: from short or long walks, leisurely strolls or something more challenging. Let us take you to secret trails by Jeep or motorbike – or even by chopper to headwaters, so you can walk and then kayak back.

Picnics Under Waterfalls

The Landing Zone Bar and Waterfall Restaurant are spectacularly perched on the edge of the biggest waterfall of the sanctuary. If you want to get even closer to majestic Mother Nature, chef Kian can rustle up a tailor-made hamper for you to enjoy amid the wilderness.

Cocktail Parties

Let Shina Mani Wild throw you an impromptu soirée: cue the Land Rover Bar and its mobile array of spirits, apothecary-style bitters and tonics and associated cocktail exotica. This ingeniously converted WW2 vehicle doubles up as a deliciously bonkers bar; guests arrive at a mystery location and watch the bar unfold.

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Bensley Collection Shinta Mani Wild Pool

Bensley Collection – Shinta Mani Wild is a luxury tented camp set amongst 400 acres of lush forest overlapping 3 national parks. This is the first private wildlife and nature reserve in Cambodia, located around 3 hours from Phnom Penh or Sihanoukville. Bensley Collection – Shinta Mani Wild boasts a spectacular location, tucked into the wildlife corridor which runs between Bokor and Kirirom national parks. Famed hotel designer and architect Bill Bensley has teamed-up with the local government and conservation organisations to protect this area from poaching and logging, whilst also providing a superb site for one of Cambodia’s most hotly anticipated properties.

The 15 luxurious tents are raised above the ground, suspended over the edge of the waterfalls to allow the natural migratory movements of the forest inhabitants to continue below, and to provide sweeping views across the forest and river valley. Each tent is luxuriously designed in true Bensley style with tasteful local colours and fabrics, and fascinating curios to recall the age of explorers and la belle époque. Guests can choose from a Wild Tent, a Waterfall Tent, or an expansive Two Bedroom Tent, and indulge in luxurious extras such as an outdoor freestanding bathtub. A Bensley Butler will be on hand to assist with all requests.

Experience a new level of luxury in Shinta Mani Wild’s lofty, 100 Sq.m tents, which perch above the river’s swiftly moving waters like giant resting birds. ‘Tent’ doesn’t quite cut it: these adventurous, Bill Bensley-designed sleeping quarters have a deck with a river-spying bathtub, an ensuite bathroom and a wild-at-heart bedroom with a king-size bed. A bold interplay of canvas, wood and steel, each tent has its own colourful Cambodian design scheme and is kitted out with antique curios, vintage books and custom-made furniture. Think Jackie O on her Cambodian royal safari and you’re not far wrong – the former First Lady toured the national park with Cambodia’s king in the Fifties.

Bensley Collection Shinta Mani Wild Tent
Bensley Collection Shinta Mani Wild Tent
Bensley Collection Shinta Mani Wild Tent


Spaced sporadically along a one-mile stretch of jungle-wrapped river are an ultra-exclusive 15 tents (some directly over the rapids). These cavernous canvases are glamping aggrandised — there’s an outdoor decked living area made for lingering with a slipper bathtub, flamboyant animal-print sofa, cowhide-covered cooler next to a generously stocked minibar with crystal wine glasses and cocktail making kit. Inside the metallic blue covering, brass double sinks separate a rainforest shower and loo, while gold fans waft over framed floral prints, regal wooden elephant tables and the expansive (albeit high) handmade bed of hardwood, leather and hand-beaten steel.

Inspired by permaculture, our green-fingered chef Kian is on a mission to protect indigenous herbs and plants from disappearing from their forests. Restaurant ingredients are plucked from our wild paradise garden, where guests can sample native nuts, juicy jungle fruit such as kuy and rice paddy herb, which has a distinctive citrus-cumin flavour. Our food is fresh and healthy, applying ancient Khmer medicinal approaches to cuisine; expect superfoods a-go-go, kombucha and pickles. Dishes pay tribute to ancient Khmer cuisine, which champions vibrant sweet-and-sour flavours in broths, curries, relishes, roast meats and dipping sauces. Kian riffs on this rich legacy; don’t miss his prahok – traditional fermented fish paste – which adds a salty kick to pork and seafood dishes. Instead of limiting guests to restrictive set menus, Kian makes suggestions suited and adapted to your personal tastes.

Bensley Collection Shinta Mani Wild Foraging


Our friendly, passionate chef is determined to reintroduce ancient herbs and plants to modern Cambodian menus; he’s currently cataloguing a library of native ingredients, inspired by El Bulli’s ‘Bullipedia’. Keen cooks can join Chef Kian on one of his daily foraging expeditions. Back at boutique basecamp, you’ll cook up your finds (with Kian’s expert help) in Shina Mani Wild’s state-of-the-art kitchen, before sitting down and enjoying your meal with fellow guests. Kian will also teach you some pillars of Cambodian cookery: how to make Khmer curry paste, perhaps, or how to rustle up a rice wine-infused dressing… Guests can also sign up for a private cookery class, or arrange for a bespoke culinary experience of their own making.

Bensley Collection Shinta Mani Wild Landing Zone Bar

Landing Zone Bar

Toast your dramatic surroundings at the open-air Landing Zone Bar, which lords it over the camp’s biggest waterfall. Expect jaw-dropping views – and a tempting drinks list. Settle into plush leather seats and order tropical cocktails showcasing native herbs, fruit and spices, plucked from the camp’s backyard – enhanced with Shinta Mani Wild’s house-made, apothecary-style bitters. Pair your cocktails with flavour-matched bar snacks – rice crackers with smoked chilli powder, or green mango with chilli salt. Should walking to the bar seem a little… pedestrian… you could always zipline here instead.

Bensley Collection Shinta Mani Wild Waterfall Restaurant

Waterfall Restaurant

The Waterfall Restaurant earns its name thanks to its dramatic setting: like the Landing Zone Bar, it hovers above the camp’s most spectacular waterfall. Divide your admiration between the cascades and Chef Kian’s health-boosting creations, which shine a spotlight on medicinal native herbs and plants. Start each day at the restaurant’s breakfast trolleys: pick from an abundance of seasonal local fruit, raid the granola trolley for spirulina- and chia-seed-topped treats, or try a traditional Cambodian option such as broken rice with crispy, caramelised pork. (Lunch and dinner are served here, too.) You can also arrange for a butler-served meal in your favourite part of the camp.

Bensley Collection Shinta Mani Wild Land Rover Bar

Land Rover Bar

Fancy a mobile cocktail party? Shinta Mani Wild’s playful side is apparent in its Land Rover Bar: a WW2 vehicle, brilliantly reimagined as a portable, slightly bonkers bar. Once guests arrive at the agreed location, they’ll be treated to the sight of the vehicle ingeniously unfolding into a one-off bar — followed by a tipple or two, naturally.

Indulge in pampering treatments starring house-made Khmer tonics at the Boulder Spa. The clue’s in the name: the spa’s two treatment rooms are nestled amid giant natural rocks. Sensibly, the design takes its cues from the forest, with plenty of wood and stone. The river takes centre stage, too: have a river-stone foot massage while soaking in a waterfall pool. Yoga and meditation can be arranged; there are even plans to offer guests a Cambodian take on meditative Japanese fishing.

Bensley Collection Shinta Mani Wild Pool


A refreshing pool is located within the heart of the resort, and the resort’s zipline is the perfect way for adventurous souls to arrive in style. Locally sourced food will be served at the Waterfall Restaurant, and the Landing Zone Bar is the perfect spot for an evening drink.


The Boulders Spa offers natural and organic spa treatments using products by Khmer Tonics. The camp is also set amongst beautiful natural scenery, with sweeping views across the river and jungle, best enjoyed from the comfort of your private deck or luxurious outdoor bathtub.

Area & Location

Area, Country
Cardamom National Park, Cambodia
Nearest Airport
Sihanoukville International Airport,Sihanoukville
Local Currency
Cambodian Riel (KHR) *US dollars recommended
Time Change
GMT +7:00
Best time to go
Best visited between November through May

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