• Illa Experience Hotel is a luxury boutique hotel in Quito’s traditional artistic San Marcos neighbourhood in the heart of the historic city centre. This heritage colonial house offers a unique cultural experience for guests.
  • Each one of the hotel’s 10 refined rooms & suites with city views is an experience in itself and are located in the three galleries of the mansion. Stylish and luxurious, they are designed to showcase the hotel’s journey through Quito’s history. Decorated in colonial and contemporary styles, these rooms cherish the heritage of this building.
  • The award-winning restaurant & chic Nuema restaurant presents a unique cuisine concept, which provides a gastronomic journey through the four regions of Ecuador in one meal. Nuema has been recognised for its farm-to-table concept using innovative techniques to prepare each dish.
  • The highlight of a stay at Illa comes from the experiences that are designed to showcase Ecuadorian culture to visitors. Guests have the chance to taste Illa’s family coffee recipe; take a relaxing stroll through the vibrant neighbourhood, and participate in the daily demonstrations of crafts, dance and art in the hotel.
  • Watch the sunset with the Panecillo Hill as a backdrop, either from the panoramic Rooftop Bar or in one of the gallery’s lounges.


We negotiate rates & benefits for our clients directly with the hotels’ senior management. Our rates match or in many cases are lower than the best online rate for the property. Our clients also enjoy a suite of extra VIP privileges and recognition while staying at a partner hotel.

  • Complimentary room upgrade on arrival.
  • Daily complimentary buffet breakfast for two.
  • Up to $100 dining or spa credit per stay, and or in-house dining / spa discounts.
  • Welcome amenities (wine/chocolates/fruit) and card from the GM.
  • Complimentary private airport transfers.
  • Complimentary roll-away bed if required.
  • Early check-in and late check-out.
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi.
  • Enhanced recognition through VIP status at all touch points in the guest experience.

A complete or partial suite of VIP benefits will be offered, subject to the property T&C, including availability, category of room & length of stay.


Chocolate Quiteño at Casa Gangotena

Peek into a Quiteño home at 6 p.m. on a chilly afternoon and you might behold a family assembling around a steaming pot of hot chocolate. Remarkably, this delicious drink is accompanied by fresh farmer’s cheese (queso de hoja or queso fresco), which is dropped into the mug and melted down into a delicious mixture of sweet and salty. The sweetness is not derived from just any chocolate…Quiteño hot chocolate is made with chocolate de hoja, which is combined into the milk using a traditional wooden molinillo.

San Francisco Inner Courtyards and Brewery

Very few have access to this iconic church’s interior treasures. We are hosted on this visit by a Franciscan priest from the monastery, who takes us around the innards of the edification. At San Francisco, the courtyards bring together the church’s many altars, hallways, and galleries to retell centuries-old stories and showcase a historic beer-brewing process. While here, discover the rustic machinery and techniques employed by the Franciscan monks in the brewing of beer in the 16th-20th centuries. Later, we can relive the magic by sampling delicious, present-day craft beer from one of Ecuador’s famous breweries. Bottoms up!


The choir of San Francisco Church, above the high altar, smells of wood and mysticism. It is an example of the diverse architectural styles that influenced, over time, the construction of the church, boasting even Middle Eastern iconography on the ceiling. After a visit to the choir, follow us through the narrow, wooden stairs to the bell tower, which could easily be the setting of a novelesque scene written by Victor Hugo. The San Francisco bell towers await to show you stunning panoramic vistas of this UNESCO World Heritage Site. Revel in this small intrusion, as this spot is accessible to virtually no one. If Ernest Hemingway ever wondered for whom the bells toll, here they toll for you.

Carmen Alto Museum

In the late afternoon, this abbey and museum opens its doors to guests of Casa Gangotena only. Built in 1653, the mysterious convent is home to an order of Carmelite cloister nuns who lead a life of agency and work, making some of Quito’s most delicious traditional treats. On our visit, we discover beautiful religious paintings, antique architecture, whole-room replicas of the nun’s living quarters, and the silent traces of their presence. Curiously, the abbey was once home to the late Marianita de Jesus, (1618-1645), Ecuador’s first saint.

The Galapagos Islands

The highlight of any trip to Ecuador is the Galapagos Islands. The archipelago is full of fearless and fantastic creatures that inspired Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution. Whether aboard an expedition vessel (such as the Santa Cruz II, Yacht La Pinta or Yacht Isabela II) or from the Finch Bay Galapagos Hotel on Santa Cruz Island, the Galapagos won’t fail to impress.

Continental Ecuador

Aside from its impressive cultural treasures, Ecuador’s natural riches are staggering and amazingly diverse. Head north of the capital to experience volcanos, historic haciendas, lakes and Indian markets. Head east to discover the mighty Amazon, where the concentration of flora and fauna is truly remarkable. Venture south for the mighty “Avenue of the Volcanos.” Casa Gangotena is only the beginning of the adventure!

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Illa Experience Hotel Quito Suite

Hotel Illa offers a unique cultural experience for guests in the heart of Quito’s historic center, a UNESCO-designated World Heritage Site. Something beyond bricks and mortar, beds and breakfasts. For generations, San Marcos has been home to artists, writers and musicians. Its present-day charm owes much to the tight-knit community of residents. It’s the perfect setting for our experience hotel. A historic house that represents the exquisite style of the mansions of Quito from the early 20th Century will enchant guests by night while they discover this World Heritage City by day in easy walking distance from the Hotel. The 10-room hotel showcases key periods in the capital’s history, the rooms and suites on each floor decorated in Colonial, Republican and contemporary styles respectively.

Perhaps most enticing of all, savour innovative Ecuadorian cuisine at the hotel’s award-winning restaurant partner, Nuema. Farm-to-table with ancient ingredients and modern innovation. Treat yourself to a little pampering in our spa, equipped with Jacuzzi, body therapy room, reflexology room, luxurious amenities, and an exclusive area for one or two people. Located in one of Quito’s most welcoming districts, you can be sure of a glimpse of local life when you step out of its doors. Here you will find the creative centre of the city with artists, writers and musicians all around. You have a unique opportunity to watch toys being hand carved, learn to water colour from a local expert or simply delight in the Quiteño treat, “helado de paila”. A short walk takes you to five important museums as well as the beautiful Plaza Grande.

All these experiences are lived out from the comforts of a stylishly-restored building dating back to 1700. The 10-room hotel showcases key periods in the capital’s history, the rooms and suites on each floor decorated in Colonial, Republican and contemporary styles respectively. Our tastefully decorated rooms allow travellers to enjoy not only the style and luxury of first-class accommodation, but also richness of Ecuador’s history. Each floor of the hotel is inspired by a different historical period, and each room offers a change in perspective. Some rooms overlook the iconic calle Junín, and others offer a view of the Virgen del Panecillo, one of Quito’s most glorious landmarks.

Casa Gangotena Luxury Rooms

Luxury Rooms

Casa Gangotena’s Luxury rooms invite guests to relax in style, enjoying the peace created by its luxurious upholstery, plush carpets, fine linen and rich furnishings that adorn each room.

Casa Gangotena Plaza View Rooms

Plaza View Rooms

Located along the mansion’s northern facade, these rooms afford stunning views of the Historic Center, including the church and convent of San Francisco and its expansive cobbled square. The rooms are graced with ample amounts of natural light and rich, sophisticated décor.

Casa Gangotena Luxury Plus

Luxury Plus

The Luxury Plus room occupies the end of the southwestern wing of the property. Striking neoclassical columns rise around the room, topped with ornate stuccowork, which interrupts the floral Art Nouveau frieze that runs around the cornicing.

Casa Gangotena Junior Suite

Junior Suite

The Junior Suite is one of the most special rooms in the house. This room used to be the “tea room” of the Gangotena family, where the family’s women and friends would gather. Situated on the first floor, the spacious Junior Suite features an original, 360-degree restored mural depicting a hunting scene. The Junior Suite overlooks the garden and the Panecillo hillside.

Casa Gangotena Balcony Junior Suite

Balcony Junior Suite

Located on the first floor, at the end of the southwestern wing of the property, the Balcony Junior Suite is undeniably romantic. The room has its own balcony that overlooks the garden and offers picturesque views of the Virgin of Quito atop her hill. Neoclassical stucco columns adorn the room. The delightful bathroom features two large windows that draw in the Andean light, while beautiful columns and black-and-white veined marble complete the picture.

Casa Gangotena Suite


At the end of the western wing of the property, on the first and second floors, 2 Luxury Rooms are interconnected, providing more space for families and visiting dignitaries. Both of them can be converted into Suites.

Perhaps most enticing of all, savour innovative Ecuadorian cuisine at the hotel’s award-winning restaurant partner, Nuema. In their previous location, the restaurant earned a top-recommended spot on Trip Advisor thanks to their refreshing take on Ecuadorian cuisine. The brilliance of their dishes comes from finding ways to respect traditional products without being traditional. Farm-to-table with ancient ingredients and modern innovation.

Gastronomic culture in Ecuador is a blend of many regions, ingredients, and histories. Grains, fruits, and vegetables have been exchanged between the Amazon, the Andes, and the coast since Pre-Columbian times. These ancient ingredients and traditions later mixed with Spanish cuisine. The result is a colorful mix of delicious food! From encocado de camarones (a coconut and shrimp stew) to hornado (roast pork served with potato tortillas and avocado) Ecuadorian cuisine has something to fit everyone’s taste.

Nuema Restaurant

Authenticity and innovation go hand-in-hand at Nuema, our hotel’s award-winning restaurant. The chef’s fresh take on traditional ingredients gives you Ecuadorian cuisine like you’ve never tried before.

Casa Gangotena Quito Crimson Room

Rooftop Bar

Enjoy a cocktail on our hotel’s breath-taking terrace, accompanied by a panoramic view of the Panecillo and historic center.

Casa Gangotena Quito Terrace View

Wine Cellar

Taste the best wines from our exclusive collection. We can accommodate up to six people for private tasting sessions.

Our hotel is nestled in the neighborhood of San Marcos, on one the historic center’s most dynamic and traditional streets: calle Junín. For generations, San Marcos has been home to a dynamic community of writers, artists, and musicians, and its present day charm owes much to the tight-knit community of residents. Neighbors still greet each other in the street, stopping by in the plaza to chat on a warm evening. Here you can find hand-carved, traditional wooden toys made by a local craftsman. Try maracuyá or taxo sold by a local fruit vendor, or simply walk around and let the street’s bright, well-conserved architecture teach you the history of the city.


Treat yourself to a little pampering in our spa, equipped with Jacuzzi, body therapy room, reflexology room, luxurious amenities, and an exclusive area for one or two people.

Area & Location

Area, Country
Quito, Ecuador
Nearest Airport
Aeropuerto Internacional Mariscal Sucre, Quito
Local Currency
United States Dollar (USD)
Time Change
GMT -5 (Galapagos is GMT -6)
Best time to go
Year round destination

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