• The Altagamma Italian Experiences offer visitors unique, behind-the-scenes experiences at some of Italy’s most iconic brands. In these exclusive, personalized experiences, the inspiring people working on the best ‘Made in Italy’ products show visitors first hand the creativity and craftsmanship of their companies.

  • These itineraries are now enriched with unique and exclusive experiences connected with the Altagamma companies. Examples include: visits to ateliers, design houses, workshops, company headquarters, wine-tasting at world-renowned canteens, meetings with entrepreneurs and owners to better understand their projects and growth.

  • The Experiences unveil the secrets that allow the brands to create some of the most desired products and services, getting in touch directly with the entrepreneurs, the artisans, the designers and visiting factories, vineyards, showrooms in ways usually unavailable to tourists.
  • Altagamma Italian Experiences blend nature, art and culture and represent an opportunity to make direct contact with the production and the design studios which have brought the Italian brands to the top of their sectors worldwide.
  • Altagamma partner companies offer unique experiences – totally different from anything offered so far – which can be customised for the requirements and expectations. of each client. These will be experiences specifically created for a limited number of clients.
  • Italy is the land of hospitality, thanks to the unparalleled tradition of savoir fair, conviviality, fine food and service. Visitors might also choose to stay in some of the finest Italian hotels and resorts, all members of Altagamma.


We negotiate rates & benefits for our clients directly with the hotels’ senior management. Our rates match or in many cases are lower than the best online rate for the property. Our clients also enjoy a suite of extra VIP privileges and recognition while staying at a partner hotel.

  • Complimentary room upgrade on arrival.
  • Daily complimentary buffet breakfast for two.
  • Up to $100 dining or spa credit per stay, and or in-house dining / spa discounts.
  • Welcome amenities (wine/chocolates/fruit) and card from the GM.
  • Complimentary private airport transfers.
  • Complimentary roll-away bed if required.
  • Early check-in and late check-out.
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi.
  • Enhanced recognition through VIP status at all touch points in the guest experience.

A complete or partial suite of VIP benefits will be offered, subject to the property T&C, including availability, category of room & length of stay.



Azienda Agrimontana, founded in 1972 in Borgo San Dalmazzo (Cunéo) in Piedmont, Italy, quickly became the market leader for chestnuts, candied fruit and jam in Italy. The main reason for this success is that, from the very beginning, Agrimontana has only worked with natural ingredients, never used colourants, preservatives or artificial flavourings. Moreover, Agrimontana only uses fruit grown in Italy. Their range also includes products for making real Italian gelato: bases and pastes with all-natural ingredients.It’s a company that carefully safeguards the products of nature, using artisanal skills with the support of technology.

The experience: The experience starts with a tour of the production halls where jam, marron glacés and candied fruit are produced. Enter the room where different types of sugar are stored and available for you to taste. Continue with the ice-cream class followed by a lunch made of sweets, jams, honeys, marron glacés and ice-cream.


– Private visit of the laboratories;

– Taste different types of sugar;

– Ice-cream laboratory;

– Sweet lunch.

Where: Borgo San Dalmazzo (Cuneo).

Duration: 2,5 hours.

Serego Alighieri

Possessioni Serego Alighieri is located in the heart of the Valpolicella Classica district, surrounded by green hills and just a few kilometres from the historic city centre of Verona and the beauty of Lake Garda. In 1353, the charming Tenuta (estate), which was already famous for the quality of its vineyards, was bought by Pietro Alighieri, son of Dante the Poet, who had followed his father into exile in Verona. For twenty-one generations, descendants of the Supreme Poet have lived in the Possessioni, a landmark site for viticulture in the Valpolicella region. Masi shares its great love for the land here with the Conti Serego Alighieri, working with them in the production of prestigious wines, heirs as they are of an ancient, noble and expert winemaking tradition.

The experience: Your experience starts with a welcome from the Alighieri family followed by an aperitivo that pairs the premium wines with local delicacies. Visit the family archives, the vineyards and the drying lofts where bunches of grapes are laid out on bamboo racks to concentrate the Amarone’s signature flavor. To complete your experience follow the oenologist for a tour of the cellars and taste one of the current years of Amarone and three additional aged vintages.


– Welcome aperitivo with the family;

– Private tour of the family archives, the vineyards and the drying lofts;

– Tour of the cellars and tasting of special vintages.

Where: Sant’Ambrogio di Valpolicella (Verona).

Duration: 4 hours.


Four hundred years of winemaking. Owned by the Allegrini family which has had roots in the Valpolicella since the sixteenth century, the Company has over 100 hectares of hillside vineyards in the Classico zone. Wines bearing the Allegrini brand produced exclusively from grapes grown in the Estate’s vineyards. Giovanni Allegrini drew on centuries of local knowledge and family expertise to turn his vineyards into internationally acclaimed examples of how great Valpolicella’s wines can be. His single vineyard La Poja (100% Corvina Veronese) and his Amarone (a distinctive red made with dried ‘appassimento’ grapes) are just two examples of his achievements.

The experience: Your experience starts with a tour of the cellars, vineyards and the high-tech drying lofts. Continue to the historical Villa della Torre visiting their private rooms full of paintings. Sit down and enjoy your pic-nic in the vineyards accompanied by fine Allegrini wines and Valpolicella views.


– Private tour of the cellars, vineyards and drying lofts;

– Walking experience to Villa della Torre;

– Pic-nic and wine tasting in the vineyards.

Where: Fumane (Verona).

Duration: 4 hours.


Azimut Yachts came about in 1969, when the young university student Paolo Vitelli founded Azimut Srl, and began chartering sailing boats. In 1970 some prestigious yachting brands appointed the company to distribute their boats in Italy. Apart from distribution, it began to design new yachts. In a joint venture with Amerglass, it designed the AZ 43’ Bali, a mass-produced fibreglass boat, which was an immediate success. In 1985 Azimut acquired Benetti. This historical brand, based in Viareggio, had been building boats since 1873, and designed the concept of the megayacht. Azimut was now able construct its own yachts, defining new style and industry standards that would go on to revolutionise the boat building industry. altagammaitalianexperiences

The experience: Visit the shipyard and meet the directors responsible for each stage of production. At the testing tanks, you’ll have the chance to board one of the semi-finished yachts. Back at the panoramic rooftop lounge, enjoy an aperitivo along with regional delicacies and a chat with one of the brand’s Top Managers before you leave for Savona. An approximately 1.5-hour drive takes you from the Piedmont hills to the Ligurian coast, where you’ll enjoy a luncheon cruise on one of Azimut’s award-winning yachts.


– Visit the shipyard;

– Board one of the semi-finished yachts;

– Aperitivo at the rooftop lounge;

– Luncheon cruise on one of the Azimut’s yachts.

Where: Avigliana (Torino) and Savona.

Duration: 8 hours.

Ca’ del Bosco

The infinite in a single drop, fruit of a slow, devoted and meticulous passion. People, like territories, have a vocation. And so it was that a fifteen-year-old boy had a lightning intuition of what life could be like pursuing it. What was once a house in a chestnut wood became one of the most trailblazing wineries in Italy. Since then a single principle has been defining the essence of Ca’ del Bosco: the quest for excellence. The entrance to the Ca’ del Bosco winery in Franciacorta is a gateway to another world. The bronze Cancello Solare, or Sun Gate, was designed by celebrated, and sometimes controversial, Italian sculptor Arnaldo Pomodoro. The gate pays homage to the wine’s primary source of nourishment.

The experience: Walk through the vast parklands, filled with oak, chestnut and acacia and continue to the underground cellar where sparkling wines ferment in bottles and casks. Finally reach a stone cupola, the heart of Franciacorta Ca’ del Bosco, where you will taste the special vintage Franciacorta Dosage Zero. Witness the visually dramatic ‘dégorgement à la volée’, a rare technique to remove any sediment from bottles of wine performed by the wine cellar manager.


– Immersive walk through the vineyards and cellars;

– Private tasting of special vintages with a dedicated sommelier;

– Degorgemant à la volée experience

Where: Erbusco (Brescia).

Duration: 1,5 hours.


In 1934, a young gentleman named Edoardo Caovilla filled with the urge to create a unique emotion and language to express the naturality and divinity of every woman, he followed his intuitions, dedicated himself to a good cause, he singlehandedly opened a workshop to create bejeweled shoes with love, passion and excellence. René Caovilla is nowadays one of Italy’s oldest shoemakers and its shoes some of the most renowned. The Venetian headquarters in the town of Fiesso d’Artico traces its history back to the region’s 13th century shoemaking traditions. Every shoe is handmade. Each one is exquisite.

The experience: The Visit begins in the Milan show-room with a runway of models in the latest collection. Enjoy an aperitivo in the showroom or out-side on the sunlit terrace before strolling with your guide through the fashionable Quadrilatero d’Oro to the flagship René Caovilla store on Via Bagutta.


– Private runaway and aperitivo in the Milan showroom;

– Meet your guide in the store of via Bagutta.

Where: Milano.

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes.

Brunello Cucinelli

One of the most innovative, creative and inspirational companies in the world. Today the Brunello Cucinelli company identifies its truest meaning and aesthetic research in manual work and craftsmanship. These are the most authentic expressions of people’s humanity and creativity, and they are essential to us. The whole world is fascinated by the products of our land, by the care in the selection of raw materials, as well as by the search for top-notch quality and creativity in each and every stage of the production value chain. The secret lies in always combining manual work and creativity with contemporary and innovative tools. This is why they love to be defined theirselves as “contemporary artisans”.

The experience: Drive to Solomeo to visit the Cucinelli studio, the theater and the school of crafts. Eat in the Cucinelli restaurant with the craftspeople who create the magical garments. Those interested in oil and wine can visit the recently added Small vineyards and olive groves.


– Private visit of the company;

– Walking experience through the beauties of Solomeo;

– Join the artisans for lunch.

Where: Solomeo (Perugia).

Duration: 4 hours.


Domori was founded by the creative mind and passion for nature, gastronomy and cocoa of Gianluca Franzoni who, in 1993, after his studies in Economics & Business, arrived in Venezuela and, fascinated by the magic of cocoa, decided to develop a business model to reposition fine cacao. The story of Domori begins with a dream: to go to the soul of chocolate by sourcing the raw materials, the cocoa beans, from where the chocolate industry had never been. A unique, great intuition: saving the world’s most prized cacao varieties from extinction, preserving their original aromas and making them accessible to great chocolate enthusiasts all over the world. Domori was the first chocolate manufacturer in the world to use only traditional farming methods with fine cacao plants.

The experience: Your exclusive Domori experience begins with a warm welcome from the CEO followed by an in-depth tour of the production facilities, including roasting, fractioning and packaging. The tour ends in the Domori kitchens, where you’ll learn the secrets to making delicious chocolate pralines followed by a guided tasting using the tasting code based on all five senses developed by Domori.


– Meet the CEO for a private tour of the production facilities;

– Chocolate tasting with spirits pairing;

– Five senses experience;

– Shopping at Domori’s store.

Where: None (Torino).

Duration: 3,5 hours.


A heart-catching roar. The visceral gleam of its design. The palpable excitement of visit to Terra dei Motori, EmiliaRomagna’s Motor Valley. All were unimaginable when the Ducati brothers founded their electrical parts business in 1926. Repeatedly bombed by the Allies during World War II, it was from the rubble of the hard-hit Borgo Panigale plant that the passionately Italian, high-tech, high-style Ducati bike was born.

The experience: Head to Emilia-Romagna’s Terra dei Motori – the legendary Motor Valley where Lamborghinis, Ferraris and Maseratis are produced – and discover how the ‘Reds of Borgo Panigale’ come to life. Start at the Ducati Museum with a tour by its resident curator before heading into its state-of-the-art production facility, where a dedicated team of Ducati employees assemble the engines and the bikes themselves as well as carrying out comprehensive testing procedures. Your guide will point out the legendary Race Department – strictly off-limits – where they come up with all the super-secret innovations. Following your tour meet a senior member of Ducati’s product marketing or engineering departments (subject to availability).


– Tour of the Ducati Museum with the resident curator and production facilities;

– Visit the Race Department;

– Meet a member of Ducati’s marketing or engineering team.

Where: Borgo Panigale (Bologna).

Duration: 3 hours.


The legend of Ferrari began with a man, Giulio Ferrari, and his dream of creating a wine in Trentino capable of competing with the best French Champagnes. The first person in Italy to grow Chardonnay grapes, producing exceptional bottle-fermented sparkling wines. As he had no children, Giulio Ferrari began looking for a successor to whom he could entrust his dream. Among many candidates he chose Bruno Lunelli, owner of a wine shop in Trento. Thanks to his passion and entrepreneurial talent, Bruno Lunelli succeeded in increasing production without ever compromising on quality. Bruno Lunelli conveyed his passion to his sons; under the leadership of Franco, Gino and Mauro, Ferrari became the market leader in Italy. In this period, some of the Company’s wines were created, wines that were destined to go down in history: we are talking about Ferrari Rosé, Ferrari Perlé and Giulio Ferrari Riserva del Fondatore.

The experience: The experience starts with a tour of the estate’s cellars and a lesson about the “methode champenoise”. Arrive at Ferrari Locanda Margon for a two-star Trento Michelin menu with the pairing of three Ferrari sparkling wines from the Maximum range. Taste the Ferrari’s finest vintages: Giulio Ferrari Riserva del Fondatore.


– Meet the family and visit the winery privately;

– Lunch at the two Michelin star restaurant Locanda Margon with Ferrari sparkling wines pairing;

– Tasting of special vintages at Villa Margon;

– Personalized bottle of Ferrari as a gift.

Where: Trento.

Duration: 8 hours.


Perched on Italy’s eastern edge, overlooking the Adriatic Sea in the town of Trieste, this is where the core processes of roasting, blending and tasting happen. Francesco Illy founded illycaffè in 1933. His 1935 invention of the illetta, considered the blueprint for modern espresso machines, revolutionized coffee preparation. His innovative method of packaging, based on pressurization, enabled illy’s initial exports to Sweden and Holland during the 1940s. Francesco Illy’s method remains the standard for preserving and enhancing coffee’s freshness during transport and storage.

The experience: Start your day at the company coffee bar with the first espresso of the day together with a member of the Illy family. Continue your visit with Moreno Faina, Director of Università del Caffè, through the Galleria to discover the history of the company and its signature products. Proceed with a tour of the roasting, grinding, packaging and pod-making lines. Your experience culminates in a traditional Italian meal with members of staff at the illy canteen, complete with a post-lunch espresso.


– First coffee of the day at the company bar with a member of the family;

– Visit of the Galleria with the director;

– Tasting of espresso and special Illy’s blends;

– Lunch in the canteen.

Where: Trieste.

Duration: 3 hours.


Isaia was founded in Naples in the 1920s thanks to the intuition of Enrico Isaia, forefather of the family, who opened a fabrics store for the most renowned tailors in town. In later years, Enrico set up a small workshop next to the store, where skilled craftsmen made tailor-made men’s clothing. In 1957 the brothers Enrico, Rosario and Corrado Isaia moved the business to Casalnuovo, a village near Napoli where half of the residents were professional tailors. Within a decade Isaia became a veritable tailoring company and produced high quality garments for the most prestigious Italian shops. Isaia’s history and success are based on the concept of made in Naples, a value meant both as neapolitan tailoring tradition and as exclusive product knowledge, esteemed around the world.

The experience: Your experience starts with exclusive access to the bustling workshop staffed with artisans in the age-old Neapolitan tailoring tradition. You will then meet Gianluca Isaia’s personal assistant Alessia. In the shirt and tie department, see how each tie is crafted with a single coral red thread – and choose the perfect silk for your very own souvenir tie (or a clutch for the ladies), which will be completed and presented before you leave. The last stop of the tour is the textile warehouse and an in-depth look at these fine Italian fabrics. A light lunch follows under the Isaia pergola, with the opportunity to meet Dr. Isaia if he is in town and the presentation of your custom Isaia souvenir tie. For guests continuing to Capri, the manager of the Capri flagship will meet you at the “Piazzetta”, accompany you on a guided visit of the store and share an aperitivo on the terrace.


– Choose your fabric and get your tie or clutch;

– Private visit of the production process;

– Light lunch under the Isaia pergola.

Where: Napoli.

Duration: starting from 2.5 hours.


It was on December 1st, 1914 in Bologna that the Maserati Brothers founded Maserati, a marque destined to go down in motoring history. Initially, the Maserati business was a workshop, operating in Bologna, at N° 1 Via de’ Pepoli; the Maserati Brothers started working on their own car designs from the outbreak of the First World War. Alfieri, Ernesto and Ettore worked intensely on the creation of the first Maserati. However, another of their brother, Mario, who was an artist and knew nothing about engines was called in to design the logo. Mario chose to use one of the most characteristic symbols of Bologna: the trident from the statue of Neptune in Piazza Maggiore, a symbol of strength and vigour. He also adopted the colours red and blue from the banner of the city of Bologna, which to this day remain the colours of Maserati. During the twenties and thirties, the Maserati garage continued to turn out racing cars for sale all over the world, also producing on-road cars with all the marque’s distinctive elegance combined with sporty performance derived from the racing circuit. In 1937, when the Orsi family took over management of the business, Maserati moved from its original headquarters in Bologna to a location in Modena, on Viale Ciro Menotti, where some of the marque’s key sports and GT cars are still designed and built today.

The experience: Bespoke philosophy extends to its visitors, so close your eyes and chose your very own Maserati experience. All visits include lunch and an unforgettable tour of the Modena showroom and production plant in Emilia-Romagna’s Motor Valley, just two hours from Milan. Petrol heads and speed junkies who wish to get a little more intimately acquainted can then opt for road or racetrack driving experiences in Modena or Varano de Melegari model of preference and coaching with international championship-winning instructor.


– Private visit of the showroom and production plant;

– Lunch;

– Driving experience.

Where: Modena.

Duration: 1,5 hours.


Ideally placed between Tuscany’s sheltering hills and the rugged Tyrrhenian Coast lies the wine region of Bolgheri. At its heart is Ornellaia. Ornellaia, perceived as one of the world’s iconic wineries, has flourished under the Frescobaldi family’s ownership. For 700 years the Frescobaldi family has combined tradition, experience and innovation with creativity and the pursuit of excellence. The family has always looked to develop and celebrate the diversity of Tuscany’s terroir, being proud owners of some of the greatest vineyards in this region.

The experience: Take a walk with the Vendemmia d’Artista curator for a private tour of the headquarters, the cantina and the barrel cellar. Enjoy your three-course menu paired with a rare bottle of Ornellaia premier vintage. Spend your night in the 19th century farmhouse with all the comforts of a modern guesthouse.


– Private visit of the headquarters, cantina and cellar with a focus on the artworks;

– Three-course dinner and tasting of a rare bottle of Ornellaia premier vintage;

– Overnight stay in an authentic restored farmhouse.

Where: Bolgheri (Livorno).

Duration: 5 hours plus overnight.

Emilio Pucci

Born in 1914 to one of Florence’s oldest families, Emilio Pucci, the Marquis of Barsento, became a fashion phenomenon in the 1950s with a trailblazing vision that continues to reverberate today. Although he never set out to become a fashion pioneer, the sleek silhouette of a ski suit he designed for himself in the late 1940s captured the attention of fashion insiders and set off his meteoric rise to style icon. A major influence in contemporary fashion, Pucci’s legacy continues to be a major force behind the birth of the “made in Italy” style and a milestone in Italy’s sportswear concept.

The experience: The visit begins with a cocktail at the ancient Palazzo Pucci in the heart of old Florence, filled with centuries-old interiors and dazzling antiques. The highlight of the experience, normally off-limits to the public, is the Archives of Emilio Pucci which hold seven decades of Pucci designs and fabrics.


– Welcome cocktail at Palazzo Pucci;

– Exclusive access to the family archives.

Where: Firenze.

Duration: 3 hours.


Founded in 1978 in Milan, Gianni Versace S.r.l. is one of the leading international fashion design houses and a symbol of Italian luxury world-wide. It designs, manufactures, distributes and retails fashion and lifestyle products including haute couture, prèt-à-porter, accessories, jewellery, watches, eyewear, fragrances, and home furnishings all bearing the distinctive Medusalogo. Donatella Versace has been Artistic Director of Versace since 1997 and has steered the brand into the 21st century. In 2000 Gianni Versace S.r.l. opened Palazzo Versace, the first hotel project which provides guests the opportunity to experience and enjoy the complete Versace lifestyle. The second Palazzo Versace built in Dubai opened in 2015. The third Palazzo Versace will be built in Macau, China.

The experience: Take an insider look at the Versace flagship store in Milan’s Quadrilatero dell’Oro. Along with a private fashion presentation of the latest collections and an in-store aperitivo, you will receive a special Versace gift to take home.


– Visit the flagship store in Milan;

– Private presentation of the latest collections;

– Personal shopper and private photographer at your disposal;

– In-store aperitivo and gift.

Where: Milano.

Duration: 2 hours.

Ermenegildo Zegna

From the very beginning Ermenegildo Zegna has promoted a holistic vision towards not only the sector within which he works but also a positive relationship with the territory and local communities. The secret of the company’s success is born from the idea that beauty in nature and the wellbeing of people are fundamental to a long-term brand vision.

The experience: Visit the Zegna’s Global Store in Milan that will include a fitting at the “Su Misura” boutique. Browse the nearby Agnona boutique for ladies and home collections. Taste the traditional Milanese cuisine in the middle of the legendary Quadrilatero della moda.


– Private visit of the Zegna’s store for him and Agnona boutique for her;

– Excusive fitting at “Su Misura” boutique;

– Lunch at a typical Milanese restaurant.

– In-store aperitivo and gift.

Where: Milano.

Duration: 4 hours.

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Museo Ducati Pista Entrance

The Altagamma Italian Experiences offer visitors unique, behind-the-scenes experiences at some of Italy’s most iconic brands. In these exclusive, personalized experiences, the inspiring people working on the best ‘Made in Italy’ products show visitors first hand the creativity and craftsmanship of their companies. Not all of Italy’s most memorable travel experiences are about tripping back in time. If you have had your fill of wandering ancient hilltop towns, exploring Roman ruins and marvelling at Baroque churches, why not try something more contemporary: perhaps a behind-the-scenes tour at the Ducati factory, a shoemaking experience at prestige footwear company René Caovilla, or a private fashion show at Versace’s Milan, Italy boutique?

Many of Italy’s most respected luxury labels now offer tailored behind-the-scenes experiences. Whether you are into fashion, design or food and wine, these bespoke experiences offer more than just bragging rights. They are a rare opportunity to explore the craftsmanship and heritage of some of the world’s most admired companies. “They allow visitors to see by whom, where and how the products are conceived and with what manufacturing skills and technologies,” says Paolo Zegna, chairman of Ermenegildo Zegna. He is also vice-president of Altagamma Foundation, which launched the program last year. Altagamma, which counts Italy’s most respected luxury brands among its members, provides half-day bespoke experiences to 30 different prestigious Italian companies. Each itinerary is individually designed to cater for guests’ specific interests, including transfers.

Italy is the land of hospitality, thanks to the unparalleled tradition of savoir fair, conviviality, fine food and service. Visitors might also choose to stay in some of the finest Italian hotels and resorts, our partners and members of Altagamma.

LAlbereta Resort

L'Albereta - Relais & Chateaux

The Albereta welcomes you to a refined setting, which is marked by good taste: antique-style lounges and terraces with extraordinary vistas of Lake Iseo, between the hills and vineyards of Franciacorta. From the first coffee in the morning to the last glass in the evening, the Albereta reinterprets the bistro tradition in an Italian way, whilst the new restaurant highlights the cuisine of yesteryear. Add to this the magic of the opening ceiling of your room to gaze up at the stars from the comfort of your bed and an exclusive visit to the family cellars at Bellavista and Contadi Castaldi. Finally the Albereta is a place dedicated to health and beauty thanks to its Medical Spa Espace Vitalité Henri Chenot.

Hotel LAndana

L'Andana - Leading Hotels of the World

The former hunting lodge of Leopold II, Duke of Tuscany, L’Andana is located in Italy`s stunning Maremma region, celebrated for its lush countryside that stretches to the Tyrrhenian Sea. L`Andana`s long driveway is lined with cypress trees, with vistas of olive orchards and vineyards in the distance, immediately evoking Tuscan beauty. Not surprisingly, food and wine are the focal points of a stay: Trattoria Enrico Bartolini and its wine cellar makes the most of the property`s desirable location. A laid-back ambience and impeccable service are the trademarks of L’Andana. This is not just a place to stay but a lifestyle. Quintessentially Italian.

Bauer Palazzo Venice

Bauer Palazzo - Leading Hotels of the World

The Bauer Palazzo offers a taste urban Venetian lifestyle. Located in the full heart of the city, near Piazza San Marco one cannot miss its unmistakable 1940s façade. Beautifully adorned by 40s and 50s style furnishings, this hotel offers spacious and luxurious suites and guest rooms. When not in their rooms, guests may choose to relax or socialize in the spacious salons and lounges or on one of two outdoor terraces which offer unparalleled views of the Grand Canal.

the Bellevue Syrene

Bellevue Syrene - Relais & Chateaux

The hotel stands on the foundations of a villa dating back to the 2nd century B.C., which was a part of the Roman empire. The villa was designed and built in 1750 by the Counts of Mastrobuono for their private use. In 1820, the property was transformed into a charming small hotel. Every room is unique, as in a house, and they all enjoy a spectacular view of the Gulf of Naples. The recent renovations highlight the warm atmosphere which is filled with refinement. Pastel-coloured frescos harmonise the modern style with the ancient parts of the villa. The exclusive services provided by the villa include a private pool, a buffet breakfast served on the terrace of the “Villa Pompeiana”, and the “club lounge”, with aperitifs and drinks offered to all guests.

Belmond Hotel Splendido Pool

Belmond Hotel Splendido

From stars above a moonlit ocean to swaying palms in the gardens, live la dolce vita in Portofino. Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor returned time and again to Belmond Hotel Splendido—and it’s easy to see why. A beautifully restored former 16th-century monastery, it is the epitome of Italian glamour. Just a stroll away, Belmond Splendido Mare offers serene harbour views and a celebrated waterfront restaurant.

A collection of 86 beautiful rooms and suites. Where hospitality, service and sophistication come together – and where, by some special alchemy, glamour and fun coexist with privacy and calm. Hotel Splendido boasts 69 Rooms and Suites, all splendidly furnished, many with private terraces looking onto an enchanting panorama. The décor captures colours and volumes that are fresher and brighter every time. Set in the heart of Portofino overlooking the Piazzetta and the small harbour, Splendido Mare boasts 16 Rooms and Suites, most with a balcony or terrace.

Bulgari hotel milano

Bulgari Hotel Milan

On a private street in downtown Milan, between Via Montenapoleone, Via della Spiga, La Scala and the Accademia di Brera, in a tastefully renovated 18th-century Milanese palazzo is The Bvlgari Hotel Milano, a five star hotel situated in the cultural and commercial heart of a city that, behind its austere façades, hides delightful and unexpected courtyards and green spaces. One such space is the luxury hotel’s 4,000-square-meter private garden, a natural extension of the nearby Botanical Garden, a restorative oasis of serenity and relaxation in the midst of Milan’s busy pace.

Capri Palace hotel and spa

Capri Palace Hotel & Spa - Leading Hotels of the World

Member of The Leading Hotels of the World, the Capri Palace enjoys an idyllic location in bustling Anacapri. This fresh and stylish property exudes sophistication with simplistic furnishings and a remarkable collection of modern and contemporary art called The White Museum. The 68 rooms and suites, some with private pool and garden, are decorated in Mediterranean style, offering comfort and privacy. The hotel owns two Michelin-starred restaurants: L’Olivo, a 2-Michelin-star restaurant, Il Riccio, an exclusive One Michelin star restaurant and beach club just steps from the famous Blue Grotto and the more informal “Bistrot Ragù” with stunning sea view terrace. The Capri Beauty Farm is a Spa of international fame, many times awarded as the best medical spa in the world, and specializes in beauty and medical activities, such as the renowned “Leg School” for cellulite and vascular cure, and the Metabolic Response, a weight-loss program based on the Mediterranean diet.

Cristallo A Luxury Collection Resort & Spa

Cristallo, A Luxury Collection Resort & Spa

With a beautiful setting perched above the town of Cortina d’Ampezzo in the heart of the Dolomites, the Hotel Cristallo Resort & Spa is a wonderfully luxurious hotel, steeped in history with incredible views of the stunning Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Cortina, known as the queen of the Dolomites is one of the most sought-after ski destinations in Italy, it became famous as the host of the 1956 Winter Olympics and remains a draw for prosperous snow and sun seekers. The idyllic village centre with cobbled streets and church has a wealth of shops and superb restaurants for its visitors to enjoy.

The Cristallo has a wonderful history since opening in 1901, it served as a military hospital during the First World War and has since hosted film crews and many famous faces. The hotel has had careful restoration and recent refurbishment to preserve its historic features. The hotel has 74 classically styled rooms within its grand building, three restaurants serving Italian, gourmet and local cuisine, and the Cristallo Ultimate Spa. The hotel is located in an elevated position, a five minute complimentary shuttle ride from the centre of the village and the main ski lifts.

Hotel De Russie a Rocco Forte Hotel

Hotel De Russie, a Rocco Forte Hotel

Located between the Spanish Steps and Piazza del Popolo, Hotel de Russie, a Rocco Forte Hotel, is a unique oasis in the heart of the Eternal City. The iconic Hotel de Russie, a green oasis at the centre of the vibrant city of Rome. The rooms and suites lean out on the private garden or on Rome roof tops and are designed with delicate and restful pastel tones. Le Jardin de Russie Restaurant by celebrity Chef Fulvio Pierangelini is renowned for its superb cuisine and Stravinskij Bar is the perfect place for an aperitif in Rome. The De Russie Wellness Zone was conceived for a complete relaxation.

Hotel Principe di Savoia, Dorchester Collection

Hotel Principe di Savoia, Dorchester Collection

For nearly a century, the neoclassical Hotel Principe di Savoia, Dorchester Collection has been the benchmark hotel for all of Milan. In spite of its large size (10 floors, 301 rooms and suites), the Principe has the atmosphere of a boutique hotel — intimate, personal and private. Elegantly decorated in late-19th-century finery of lavish damasks, rich colors and collectors’ antiques in marbles and woods, the Principe is also wholly 21st century with an eye for technology and a “your wish is our command” concierge team.

If the Principe’s unabashed style makes it the landmark destination for fashion royalty, its rooftop spa, hush-hush vibe and enviable address create the perfect getaway for a very private affair. Prep for afternoon tea, cookies and people-watching at the pastel-hued ground-floor lounge Il Salotto and later hold court at the Principe Bar, the hotel’s newly renovated cocktail bar, a hot spot for Fashion Week’s royal entourage as well as the local Milanese weekender.

Lungarno Collection Florence

Lungarno Collection

The story of the Lungarno Collection begins inspired by the flow of history, culture, style, refined craftsmanship, and extraordinary culinary tradition, living up to the highest standards of Tuscan hospitality today. Lungarno Collection with its divine luxury and design hotels, delightful residences and villas, set in the most sought after and unique locations. Leonardo Ferragamo, President of the Lungarno Collection, is paying homage to his extraordinary father, Salvatore Ferragamo, a genius in the art of shoemaking and a master of hospitality. Each member of the Lungarno Collection: Portrait Firenze, Hotel Lungarno, Lungarno Apartments, Gallery Hotel Art, Hotel Continentale, Villa Le Rose (Florence), Portrait Roma (Rome), Resort Baia Scarlino, Swan Sailing Yacht (Tuscany), three restaurants in Florence – Caffè dell’Oro, Borgo San Jacopo and Fusion Bar & Restaurant, two lounge bars – La Terrazza and Picteau Louge – prestige venues for events and meetigs such as Palazzo Capponi.

Masseria San Domenico Spa Thalasso and Golf Resort

Masseria San Domenico Spa-Thalasso & Golf Resort - The Leading Hotels of the World

Nestled in Puglia’s idyllic landscape, and host to millennia-old olive trees, the Masseria San Domenico bridges the beauties of its past with its luxurious present. Like the largely unexplored region itself, the hotel is full of hidden wonders, most notably the caves beneath the property which were home to Apulian monks fleeing Moorish attackers during the Middle Ages. The largest cave (now next to the outdoor swimming pool) was used to store olive oil, and the pressing equipment is on display today. The hotel still produces fine oils, which the chef uses in the cuisine served in San Domenico restaurant. Deeper underground, a natural hot spring provides the mineral-rich water for hotel’s Thalassotherapy spa, a center dedicated to relaxation, as befits the unspoiled surroundings.

Verdura Resort, a Rocco Forte Hotel

Verdura Resort, a Rocco Forte Hotel

An alluring Sicilian escape, Verdura Resort occupies nearly two kilometres of private Mediterranean coastline. Set in 230 hectares of stunning landscape, has just 203 rooms, suites and villas, giving a true sense of both space and privacy. With three Kyle Phillips golf courses, a 60-metre infinity pool, six clay tennis courts, a world-class spa, four restaurants and five bars, an excellent Kids club, Verdura Resort is an irresistible destination. It’s a place where your room will seem woven subtly into the Sicilian landscape, and where you’ll enjoy a true sense of space and uninterrupted views of the azure waters from your private terrace. Above all, it’s an unforgettable resort in Sicily where you’ll discover an outstanding level of service.

Villa d'Este lake como

Villa d’Este - Leading Hotels of the World

One of Italy’s iconic properties, Villa d’Este occupies an enviable spot on Lake Como, amid 25 acres of luxuriously landscaped park. Accommodations are divided between two historic mansions, one dating from the 16th century, the other named after a Queen of England, where each room is uniquely decorated. Exquisite details include period furnishings, silk-brocade drapes, linen sheets, and oil paintings. But what keeps the loyal clientele returning time and again is the unmatched service. The gracious staff handles requests, from appointments for squash games to a private boat tour of the lake’s notable villas, with equal dedication. Guests also love the charming Beauty Center, as well as the “floating” pool that affords the most breathtaking views of Lake Como.

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