• A stunningly designed boutique Relais & Chateaux lodge in prime position on the banks of Lake Titicaca high up in the Peruvian altiplano. A menu of excursions and activities comes with every booking, but you may be tempted to just hide away.
  • Nestled on four-acres of sprawling private grounds, Titilaka Hotel sits on the Chucuito peninsula overlooking Lake Titicaca. The boutique lodge is an all-inclusive ecotourism resort with contemporary flair and two private beaches, all surrounded by snow-capped peaks.
  • Titilaka is a modern fully inclusive luxury experience lodge located in a remote peninsula, on the shores of Lake Titicaca, where activities range from exploring local ruins and exclusive visits to a traditional community, to hiking ancient trails surrounded by stunning landscapes.
  • The Lodge offers a luxurious refuge from which to explore the treasured natural, cultural and historical resources of this remote mystical region.
  • The 18 rooms, each with a splendid lake view, are decorated in a contemporary style with touches of local heritage, in symbiosis with the luxuriant natural setting. Wrap-around terraces create a privileged vantage point for breathtaking sunrises and peaceful sunsets in this serene, life-giving cradle of Inca civilization.
  • The hotel restaurant features a contemporary menu offering unique takes on traditional Peruvian staples. The cuisine focuses on traditional Andean spices and ingredients.
  • Unwind with a massage or reflexology treatment. Lounge on the private beaches.


We negotiate rates & benefits for our clients directly with the hotels’ senior management. Our rates match or in many cases are lower than the best online rate for the property. Our clients also enjoy a suite of extra VIP privileges and recognition while staying at a partner hotel.

  • Complimentary room upgrade on arrival.
  • Daily complimentary buffet breakfast for two.
  • Up to $100 dining or spa credit per stay, and or in-house dining / spa discounts.
  • Welcome amenities (wine/chocolates/fruit) and card from the GM.
  • Complimentary private airport transfers.
  • Complimentary roll-away bed if required.
  • Early check-in and late check-out.
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi.
  • Enhanced recognition through VIP status at all touch points in the guest experience.

A complete or partial suite of VIP benefits will be offered, subject to the property T&C, including availability, category of room & length of stay.


Island of the lake

Explore the Uros floating islands and the Island of Taquile on this full-day trip, one of our most popular excursions. Neither land, sky, or water, but rather at the intersection of the three, Totora, or junco reed roots, serve as unique building material for the floating islands of the Uros Titino communities of Lake Titicaca.The Islands of Lake Titicaca excursion brings our guests close to the islands’ Uro-Aymara communities, providing a unique opportunity to grow personally acquainted with the men –skilled reed raftsmen–, and women, – expert weavers famous for their craft–, as well as the ancestral techniques used to keep their islands afloat, among other aspects of their remarkable heritage.

Aymara Route

The Aymara Route excursion, spanning a whole day, entails growing acquainted with the geography, neighboring communities, nature, and privileged views of the Chucuito peninsula and Acora.Delve into pre-Incan times in the legends and stories your guide will offer and learn about Lake Titicaca’s importance in the local worldview and means of subsistence. Grow closely acquainted with the unique interconnectedness of man and nature surviving to this day.

Excursion to Lampa

On the way to or from the airport, stop and see Lampa, a colonial-period architectural gem and previous Spanish colonial stronghold in the area.Known as the ‘Pink City’ for the lively coloration of its town walls, Lampa invites travelers to visit its church, old mansions, and squares. Renown in the region for its architecture, the Lampa church is the only local temple built exclusively for the use of Spanish landowners. Explore its mysterious catacombs and impressive replica of Michelangelo’s “La Pietá.”

Excursion to Sillustani

Perhaps the region’s largest and most important pre-Hispanic funeral ground, the archeological complex of Sillustani provides evidence to the area’s rich past while offering visitors privileged views of Lake Umayo.

Colonial Temples Visit

Stop and explore the epicenter of the region’s evangelizing mission of indigenous peoples during the Spanish conquest in Puno’s Juli and Pomata churches, this last one used as a model in the construction of other South- American colonial-period temples. Located between Cuzco and the historic mining town of Potosí, these religious centers are at the intersection of millenary cultural legacies, the mining rush, and the clash of faiths.

Colla Route Trek

The Colla Route, part of the original network of Incan roadways, runs through the rocky mountain area near the lodge.
Leaving early in the morning, the traveler has numerous route options to choose from along the Colla Route or up to the Titilaka Archway. While walking, you’ll be able to enjoy views of the area and Bolivia’s impressive Cordillera Real, or Royal Mountain Range. Continue onto the Hilarata Summit, where you will be rewarded with amazing views of Lake Titicaca and the Altiplano below
where the Santa Rosa and Thunuhuaya communities are located. Allow Lagoon Chatuma, where locals hold rituals and ceremonies to this day, to surprise you with its beauty.


Accompanied by our specialized guides, you’ll be led in detecting, identifying, and even mimicking bird songs as you attempt to establish an exchange with native species. As part of your experience, you’ll visit different ecosystems where you’ll be able to find a wide range of local birds.

Marketplace Visit

The people of the Peruvian Altiplano are faithful to many historic traditions, among them, bartering or trading as a main form of payment and commerce. Sunday is host to the trading of agricultural products, with a colorful display of a variety of potatoes, quinoa, chuño, among other local goods not seen elsewhere.

Local Festivities

Known as the Peruvian Capital of Folklore, Puno is host to some of the region’s most renowned traditional festivals. Among the most celebrated and popular, the feast of the Virgin of la Candelaria, declared Intangible and Cultural Patrimony of Humanity by UNESCO boasts over 360 pre and post-colonial dances. Weaving together a unique version of local history, this festival is held each February and gathers around 40,000 people. Storming Puno’s streets with vibrant dance and lively traditional wear made solely for the celebration, the Virgin of la Candelaria is the region’s most representative celebration.

Boat House – Nautical Sports

The first nautical sports facility on Lake Titicaca, our boat house offers you the exclusive opportunity to sail at more than 12,000 feet above sea level. Choose among kayaks, Canadian canoes, paddle boards, and sunfish sailboats, or try them all as you explore this wonderful body of water.

Cycling Platería

Undoubtedly one of our most memorable journeys, cycling through the fields of Platería offers unforgettable scenery as you explore outdoors under Puno’s blue sky.Crossing varying terrain, you’ll follow rural paths along the lakeshore where you will see locals participating in their daily activities, possibly in traditional wear. Be it farming the earth with old-fashioned tools, or employing old school means of transportation like a donkey for Totora reed gathering, locals can be seen working in the company of their playing children.
Enjoy the freedom and fresh air in this engaging activity where you set the pace and direction.

Aymara Constellation Observation

Puno’s clear skies and the Altiplano’s serenity collaborate to make the lake’s environment a perfect place for astrological observation. Layer up before stepping outside to our lodge gardens where your guide will explain the movement of stars and locate constellations such as the Wawawara Hawira, or Milky Way.

Rafting through the Reeds

Allow our guides to gently lead you on a raft through masses of Totora reed near the lodge as you learn more about this local hydrophilic plant species. Explore the lake’s ecosystem and learn about the close relationship existing between the peoples inhabiting the lake and its natural resources

Strolling Across the Altiplano

Consider the magnificent views, hues, and impressive Andean geography while you walk along rural paths near Titilaka. Visit a local community and learn more about the traditions and practices of Andean life in the Peruvian Altiplano. Observe local agricultural and fishing practices, an essential part of the daily routine.

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Titilaka Boutique Hotel Lake Titicaca Sundowners

A stunningly designed boutique Relais & Chateaux lodge in prime position on the banks of Lake Titicaca high up in the Peruvian altiplano. Titilaka is an 18 room fully inclusive luxury experience lodge located in a remote peninsula, on the shores of Lake Titicaca, where activities range from exploring local ruins and exclusive visits to a traditional community, to hiking ancient trails surrounded by stunning landscapes. A menu of excursions and activities comes with every booking, but you may be tempted to just hide away. The mere mention of Lake Titicaca is enough to conjure up a dramatic, mysterious world. At an altitude of more than 3 800 meters in the Andes, on the border between Peru and Bolivia, this cradle of Inca civilization is still home to one of the oldest communities in South America. Titilaka Lodge is tucked away in this unique landscape, totally off the beaten track on its own private peninsula, in a refurbished building.

The 18 lake-facing rooms are scattered on three levels with contemporary European designs and pops of Peruvian color. All rooms have luxurious furnishings, heated floors, and lake views. Select rooms offer a divian overlooking the lake. The hotel restaurant features a contemporary menu offering unique takes on traditional Peruvian staples. The cuisine focuses on traditional Andean spices and ingredients. Just outside the village of the same name, Titilaka offers a taste of the lake dwellers’ traditions and way of life. Embark on an all-day adventure with The Aymara Route excursion, and become acquainted with the geography of the Chucuito peninsula and Acora. Visit the local marketplace. Go birdwatching in the protected wetlands. Don’t miss an excursion to the Uros Floating Islands, home the Uros-Titino people, where you can learn learn the ancestral techniques used to keep these islands afloat.

Titilaka features eighteen lake-facing rooms with exceptional view which are distributed on three levels connected by central hallways. Each room has an open format and is equipped with a full bathroom and contemporary furnishings complemented by local textiles and fresh flowers.

Titilaka Titicaca Lake Corner Room


The most popular and requested room category, our Premium Corner room, with preferred view: Dawn and Dusk sides from the same room, offers a spectacular panoramic views of the lake.

Titilaka Titicaca Lake Dusk RoomTitilaka Titicaca Lake Dusk Room


Luxuriate and lap up at the contemporary Dusk rooms with an exceptional view of the vast Lake Titicaca, submerging you in its mystique and making you feel profoundly relaxed with its breathtaking highland landscape.

Titilaka Titicaca Lake Dawn Room


Rest and relax at the Dawn rooms with a magnificent view of the immense lake, submerging you into its mystique and comforting you with its breathtaking beauty.

Titilaka Titicaca Lake King Room


Room Relax at this homely accommodation with a wonderful lake view, one of our king rooms is equipped with facilities for people with disabilities.

Life and meals at the hotel are carefree and flexible. Contemporary Peruvian dishes with fresh local ingredients.

Titilaka Titicaca Lake Dining
Titilaka Boutique Hotel Lake Titicaca Dining Room

Dining Room

Comfortable and inspiring dining room for 28.

Titilaka Titicaca Lake Bar


The hotel bar and cellar, with regional selections, are fully stocked. Certain liquors and special wines are available at additional cost.

Titilaka Boutique Hotel Lake Titicaca Picnic
Titilaka Boutique Hotel Lake Titicaca Picnic


Fancy a picnic, with a quinoa salad and white wine, on the island of Taquile, amid the waters of Lake Titicaca?

Titilaka Boutique Hotel Lake Titicaca Sundowners
Titilaka Boutique Hotel Lake Titicaca Sundowners


There may be no better way to end a day of adventuring around Lake Titicaca than with a glass of wine and the enchanting serenity of a Titilaka lakeside sundowner.

Area & Location

Area, Country
Puno, Peru
Nearest Airport
Inca Manco Cápac International Airport, Titicaca
Local Currency
Nuevo Sol
Time Change
GMT – 5
Best time to go
May through September

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