• Santani Wellness Resort and Spa is an award winning wellness retreat in Sri Lanka offering a peaceful, energising and an authentic experience.
  • At Santani we offer you harmony – with nature, other people, physical activity, diet and nutrition and, ultimately, with yourself. You will enjoy a completely new kind of vacation focused on feeling good as well as giving back to society and the environment.
  • Santani is a place of relaxation, simplicity and serenity in nature. We offer the latest wellness innovations together with the deep-rooted Ayurvedic culture of our island, in an intelligently designed brand-new boutique resort nestled in the mountains of Sri Lanka.
  • Sri Lanka’s first purpose built luxury wellness property is known for it’s incredibly unique architecture, amazing cuisine, world class spa treatments, and a one of a kind setting. Santani is the ideal place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and immerse yourself in nature, to slow down and rebalance your system.
  • A variety of wellness packages are offered at Santani including spa getaways, detox, weight loss, ayurveda and more.
  • Located an hour north east of Kandy, you are the heart of the Sri Lankan hill country. Get back to nature in this rejuvenating setting.


We negotiate rates & benefits for our clients directly with the hotels’ senior management. Our rates match or in many cases are lower than the best online rate for the property. Our clients also enjoy a suite of extra VIP privileges and recognition while staying at a partner hotel.

  • Complimentary room upgrade on arrival.
  • Daily complimentary buffet breakfast for two.
  • Up to $100 dining or spa credit per stay, and or in-house dining / spa discounts.
  • Welcome amenities (wine/chocolates/fruit) and card from the GM.
  • Complimentary private airport transfers.
  • Complimentary roll-away bed if required.
  • Early check-in and late check-out.
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi.
  • Enhanced recognition through VIP status at all touch points in the guest experience.

A complete or partial suite of VIP benefits will be offered, subject to the property T&C, including availability, category of room & length of stay.


Hanging bridge of Narampanawa

The excursion to the hanging bridge of Narampanawa will take you downhill passing greenery of varying types. You will pass breathtaking vistas of the knuckles mountain range, while walking past smaller tea plantations and paddy fields. From vanilla to cocoa, avocados to bananas, cloves to tamarind, the abundance of spices and fruits in the area will give you a glimpse into what Sri Lanka has to offer. The bridge itself is used by villagers to cross into nearby areas, and the rocks under the river is a great location to rest and absorb the nature around you.

Hulu River

This downhill quick trek is the perfect way to start off the morning. A 30-45 minute walk will take you down to Hulu Ganga, bordering Santani. The gushing of the river over the rocks, is a complete immersion into the surrounding natural environment, and is a great place for a morning meditation session. The area also features a large variety of birdlife, and on a lucky day, you may spot one of the few resident fishing owls who are located near the river.

Bambaragala Temple Visit + Hike

Built over 250 years ago, the Bambaragala Cave Temple has a rich history and an even richer mythology. The cave temple has ancient drawings and markings possibly pre-dating the Kandyan era, and the climbup to the top of the Bambaragala rock gives you stunning panoramic views of the Victoria Reservoir andthe entire region. While the temple is suitable for all ages, the hike is only recommended for agile, experienced hikers. The hike will take approximately 1 hour and the final stretch requires agility and balance.

Kandy city visit

This tour will provide you with a visit to the the last kingdom and the current cultural capital of Sri Lanka.A visit to the sacred temple of the tooth relic, a trip to the peradeniya botanical gardens, and a walk around the Kandy lake are some of the options that are on offer.

Kukul oya Waterfalls

A quick hike across the river will lead you to a short, flat trail which takes you past two waterfalls that open up into small ponds of water. The waterfalls border the picturesque Kukul Oya region. During the hike you will be exposed to a variety of flora, with lush greenery bordering the trail.

Galmaduwa Temple

Built in 1750 by the last king of Sri Lanka, the Galmaduwa Temple has a rich heritage. Local mythology states that this was first a hiding place for Elara, Sri Lanka’s greatest enemry. However, it is historicallynoted that Sri Wickrama Rajasingha built this temple, which has a significant hindu influence, as Sri Wickrama Rajasinha himself hailed from this heritage. Due to protests by the locals, the building was never opened as a kovil, and instead was venerated as a buddhist temple, and stands as a perfect fusion of two cultures, and a representation of the social dynamics in play at that point in time.

Rangala – Gomare Scenic Drive Tea Factory Tour

A quick drive will take you to Rangala Road, which is a road flanked by rolling tea estates, beautiful eucalyptus trees, and lush greenery. The route is one of the most scenic tea drives in the hill country, and a quick stop at a tea factory, will show you the manufacturing process of tea. A quick stop at one of the clearwater pools along the way is also an option.

Degaldoruwa Temple Visit

The degaldoruwa temple features some of the oldest paintings recorded in the Kandyan Kingdom. The temple, hidden away in a cave by a mountain outside of Kandy, was built by King Keerthi Sri Rajasinha. The paintings are a marvel of storytelling and art, and features a number of depictions of ancient legends,myths and religious tales. The temple also features a serene mountain top, with a sacred Bo Tree, and a stunning stupa.

Thalaguna Drive + Dumbara Weaving

The Dumbara region is resident to the weavers of Sri Lanka, who were tasked with creating these unique designs by the ancient Kings of Sri Lanka. This form of artisanry still exists in Dumbara, and these craftsmen supply their products to popular tourist stores across the country. You will be exposed to this ancient form of weaving in its most authentic form during this experience. As an added bonus, the road to Thalaguna is one of the most scenic routes in the country, with a small winding road, turning through lush green paddy fields, and surrounded by the rugged knuckles range.

Mahiyanganaya and the A- 26

This excursion will take you along the famous A-26, one of Sri Lanka’s most scenic drives. You will drive bordering the Victoria Wildlife Reserve, and pass the rugged terrain of the Knuckles Range as well. Each turn opens up to yet another stunning landscape, and the route also features the ‘Daha-ata Vanguwa’,which is an 18-turn engineering marvel designed to bring you to flat terrain in a 10km drive. The view from the top of the turns is absolutely breathtaking. Mahiyanganaya is also the first location Lord Buddha visited, and the stupa is Sri Lanka’s oldest temple, as per the Mahavamsa and is over 2500 years old. The stupa houses a sacred hair-relic of Lord Buddha as well as Lord Buddha’s sacred left Collar-bone relic.

Knuckles Hike

The Knuckles Conservation Range is a UNESCO world heritage site and is a collection of peaks across the central region of the country. The drive to the summit, goes along the Rangala road, which is a scenic route by itself, and the climb takes you through shrub jungle terrain. The region is also unique as it is the intersection of the dry zone and the wet zone, and thus creates an amazing blend of misty and clear skies. The rugged peaks of the Knuckles named by the British for their resemblance to the knuckles of a clenched fist. The steeply shelving mountain terrain reaches 1863 m at the summit of the main Knuckles peak itself and included rare dwarf cloud forest.

Victoria Golf Club

Victoria golf club, Sri Lanka’s most scenic golf course is an award winning Donald Steel designed masterpiece sprawled amongst the hills and bordering the Victoria reservoir. The course offers the most picturesque scenery and breath taking views of nature and the 73 Par, 6933-yard championship 18-hole golf course is maintained to international standards.

Galmaduwa Craft Village

This experience will showcase a village of craftsmen honing and practicing their skills, making copper and wooden handicrafts, as well as batik fabrics and much more. Here you will be exposed to local industries at the smallest level, and you will see families of artisans passing their craft from one generation to the next. The tour of the village will end up with a simple cup of Ceylon tea at the house of the village coppersmith.

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Santani Wellness Resort and Spa Pool

Santani is the first and only purpose-built wellness resort offering luxury escapes in Sri Lanka, designed according to the highest sustainability and eco-standards. We spent more than two years searching for this pristine location because we understood humans heal and thrive most effectively where nature meets intelligent, sustainable design. The resort provides guests with luxury escapes beyond compare in Sri Lanka.

This 48-acre former tea plantation within a pristine forest has allowed us to create a restorative destination spa, which is completely accessible yet blissfully secluded. Our rooms are built for natural ventilation and are air-condition free – far healthier for you, and better for the environment, because this saves over 70% of energy compared to an air-conditioned hotel.

Sixteen stand-alone, single-bedrooms each extending to a balcony and approximately 500 square feet. These can accommodate two people only. Each stylish, elevated room faces into the surrounding jungle valley and the stunning mountains beyond. Each room features up-cycled rubber wood lounge chairs, recycled teakwood safari chairs on the balcony, extra large pillows, 100% cotton, high thread count sheets, coffee and tea making facilities, personal safe and two closets.

Santani Wellness Resort and Spa Mountain View Chalet on Full Board
Santani Wellness Resort and Spa Garden View Chalet
Santani Wellness Resort and Spa Bathroom


These are situated in an area with a small paddy field on one side and a tea plantation on the other. Two chalets are connected to each other through a common open area. One of the two chalets are specifically designed for Children between 12 – 15 with no balconies and other safety specifications. All chalets have a glass wall that provides unhindered views of the lush vegetation surrounding the area. These chalets do not have the mountain vistas, but provide a cosy, secluded feel among thick vegetation and are ideal for groups and families. The chalets can be also be sold individually as well. Similar to our other chalets, these rooms also do not have televisions. While digital detox is a key component of the Santani experience, we do offer in-room WiFi on demand.

Nestled between the hills and rainforest in the heart of Sri Lanka, Santani exists for the singular purpose of nourishing your soul. When it comes to actual nutrition, we believe balance rather than extremes, and in the value of pleasure in our lives. Whether you like juicing, vegetarian, vegan and raw foods or you prefer heartier traditional fare, Santani is about freedom and choices which are yours to make among our nutritious and delicious food served in our elevated restaurant with capacity for 60 guests and at our open-air main pavilion lounge with its biodynamic wine & fresh juice bar.

Santani Wellness Resort and Spa Ketogenic


Forget set menus: at Santani you’ll have your very own customised meal-plan, specially designed by chef Wajira Gamage and Santani’s very own Ayurvedic doctor, Dr Sreekanth Nair. Gourmandes, don’t be put off by the mention of healthy food – you can still enjoy dishes like grilled, grass-fed Australian tenderloin, duck confit and masala chai crème brûlée. The food here is exceptional and all locally sourced; try dishes like a traditional Sri Lankan curry with organic vegetables and chutney, or a crunchy banana-blossom salad with shredded coconut and tamarind dressing. The only thing rivalling the food in wow-factor is the view: the four external walls are made of glass, and offer breathtaking views of the valley and forest.

Santani is home to Sri Lanka’s first destination spa and wellness facility. The spa includes thermal salt bath, steam room, sauna and several treatment rooms overlooking beautiful terraced paddy fields. The yoga pavilion and 24m infinity pool are great for keeping fit during your stay.

Santani Wellness Resort and Spa Pool
Santani Wellness Resort and Spa Pool
Santani Wellness Resort and Spa Pool


There are two pools at the hotel, including a thermal salt pool in the spa which, although covered, has one partial wall so you can gaze at the surroundings while you soak. Perched on the side of a hill, overlooking the forests below and mountains beyond, the main infinity pool has some of the best vistas in the hotel; wake early to watch the sunrise while leisurely swimming, and return for a dip at dusk as the setting sun transforms the surface of the pool, turning it shades of pink, purple and inky blue.


The best spas in the world harmonise these philosophies, so we built Santani as Sri Lanka’s first full-fledged destination spa, with the first-ever comprehensive hydrotherapy facilities in the country.Our tri-level spa tucked into the hillside’s natural contours has been thoughtfully designed with holistic wellness in mind. You enter on the ground level to our reception and consultation rooms, then descend as if becoming one with the earth as you enter the hydrotherapy level. To warm up your body before treatments, this level houses a steam room, the cedar wood sauna with its a glass wall looking onto emerald paddy fields to the Knuckles mountain range, and our open-air thermal salt soak pool. Deeper into nature, the lowest level divides into four treatment rooms all of which are open onto the surrounding paddy fields. One of these rooms is designed for couples.


For anyone looking to take a yoga holiday, or try a yoga retreat, this flexible programme focuses on yoga in Sri Lanka as holistic development for the mind and body, and is adaptable to your level whether you are a beginner or an experienced practitioner.


Regular cleansing of the body is a core preventative care that will help prevent the occurrence of many diseases such as cancer, hypertension, diabetes, cardiac issues, etc.Santani Detox programs can be customized to different needs and durations starting from 7 days to 21 days. These can be basic introduction to detox or advance detox for guests who are accustomed to detox and cleansing. The program can be customized based on Ayurvedic techniques or Western techniques such as juicing.

Area & Location

Area, Country
Kandy, Sri Lanka
Nearest Airport
Colombo Airport, Sri Lanka
Local Currency
Sri Lankan Rupee((LKR))
Time Change
GMT +5:5
Best time to go
November through May

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