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7 Special Ways to Spend Your Honeymoon in the UAE69731
7 Special Ways to Spend Your Honeymoon in the UAE

7 Special Ways to Spend Your Honeymoon in the UAE

Travellers go to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for different reasons – some for business, and others, to bond with their family and friends. The country is also a favourite destination among couples, especially those seeking a special honeymoon destination. If you’re among the latter, you’re in luck. This article is written just for you. Excited for your honeymoon? You can make it more memorable by spending it in the UAE in the following ways:    1. Get Your Heart Racing in Ferrari World  Abu Dhabi has many fascinating landmarks perfect for honeymoon getaways, but none can make your hearts race as fast as Ferrari World Abu Dhabi attractions. Deemed a great place to visit in Abu Dhabi, this theme park on Yas Island serves as the perfect hangout for couples seeking high-octane experiences. It is one of three world class theme parks in the area and the only one that has a ride as fast as Formula Rossa – the fastest roller coaster on the planet. Of course, there’s so much more in store for couples in Ferrari World:   ●Get the VIP treatment by signing up for the Ferrari driving experience.  ●Compete with your partner and see who dominates the racetrack in an exciting go-karting competition or simulated Formula One race via the Scuderia Challenge.    2. Let Your Inner Child Loose in Warner Bros. World  Yas Island also houses Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi – the newest addition to the “Big Three” Yas Theme Parks. Home to