Destination Review: Combining Nunavut’s Natural Beauty with Casino Entertainment

The Luxe Factor: Combining Nunavut's Natural Beauty with Casino Entertainment

BY Cliff Gill



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A Perfect Vacation Blend of Nunavut’s Natural Wonders and Casino Allure

Nunavut is not the first place in Canada that springs to mind when considering a holiday, and that very fact makes it a great destination for lovers of the great outdoors and natural wonders. The largest island is Baffin Island, over half a million square kilometers, with just 13,000 people. Home to excellent mountains such as Mount Asgard and Mount Thor, plus an astonishing array of wildlife, Baffin Island is among numerous great places to visit in Nunavut. And, while there, online casinos are an ever-present entertainment possibility should the weather rain on a tourist’s parade.  

From Scenic Landscapes to Online Gaming Adventures

  Amid Nunavut’s natural beauty and wonders, tourists can also avail themselves of modern entertainment thanks to the convenience of the internet. The top Nunavut online casino sites amuse any player when the weather isn’t playing ball or while journeying to and from outstanding destinations. Due to being designed to be mobile-compatible, online betting sites need only a smartphone or tablet to be readily accessible. Newcomers to gaming can take a glance at an overview of online casinos in Nunavut to easily find the top places to play, with great slots, card games, and roulette with stakes high or low according to player preference. And because there are no land-based casinos within Nunavut, players can enjoy the fresh air and amazing sights without distraction, yet have online gaming whenever desired.  

Baffin Island

  For many visitors to Nunavut, the mighty Baffin Island is their primary (and sometimes sole) destination. It’s the biggest island in Nunavut and the fifth largest in the world, making it bigger than the main island of Iceland or Great Britain. However, the population’s a little lower, with 13,000 people making the island home, just over half of whom (7,000) live in the capital of Iqaluit. Animal residents and visitors are numerous, too, from polar bears to red foxes, beluga whales, narwhals, and the Baffin Island wolf. Tourists have plenty of natural wonders to visit, from mighty mountains to fjords and lakes. Inuit culture is rich with festivals held year-round, and purchasing arts and crafts makes great souvenirs to bring home to loved ones. There are numerous territorial parks nearby, stunning scenery, and outdoor activities to experience.  

Ellesmere Island

  While not as large as Baffin Island, Ellesmere Island has its share of natural wonders to thrill and delight visitors. Tourists are well-advised to wrap up warm as the North Pole is just 447 miles away. Animal lovers can feast on fantastic fauna, from the mighty muskox (average weight around 600 lbs, but some individuals hit a chunky 900 lbs) to cute lemmings and determined wolves. For those who consider spectating a little inactive, there are plenty of ways to burn energy in this picturesque place, such as climbing mountains, kayaking, or snowmobiling. It’s also a possible starting point for an expedition to the North Pole for those who are especially adventurous (it’s well-advised for anyone considering this to plan the trip very carefully, of course).   It’s not just the amazing animals, beautiful location, and energetic activities that make Ellesmere Island a great destination. Another of the wonders available here is the fossil forest. Once upon a time, rich forests thrived in the northern reaches of Canada, including on Ellesmere Island. The mummified remains of a forest are what’s left today, with miles of fossils aged between two and eight million years old.  

Auyuittuq National Park

  Perhaps the single must-visit site within Nunavut for mountain climbers is the evocatively named Mount Asgard. Its highest point exceeds 2,000 m (over 6,600 feet), and it’s located within Baffin Island’s Auyuittuq National Park as part of the Baffin Mountains. Whether a climber can access the Top Nunavut casinos 2023 from the summit remains to be seen, but the view is spectacular. Mount Asgard’s biggest claim to fame in popular culture is from the Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me. The film saw ‘Bond’ performing a BASE jump before pulling a cord to open up his classic Union Jack parachute. In addition, Mount Thor (also known as Thor Peak) is a little shorter (1,000 feet) than Mount Asgard but has a global record: the largest vertical drop on Earth. It’s an alarming 1,250 m (4,100 feet) and helps attract rock climbers despite the remote location.   Other natural wonders within Auyuittuq National Park include the hiker’s paradise of starkly beautiful terrain. Glaciers and rivers join mountains to make the park a joy for the eyes and a challenge for the legs. Hardcore hikers can follow the 60-mile Inuit travel route that cuts across the park, while those who prefer less strenuous things can hike to the Arctic Circle or employ man’s best friend and go dog-sledding.  

The Nastapoka Arc

  The border of Quebec and Nunavut is home to an eye-catching aspect of Hudson Bay: the Nastapoka Arc. This is a slightly bizarre natural feature in that the Nastapoka Arc lives up to its name and is a near-perfect arc that covers over 160° of a 450-km-diameter circle. The arc is 600km long and the most perfect coastal arc in the world. The reasons behind this unique formation are unclear, though one hypothesis (not yet proven) is that it’s the result of a meteorite impact in the distant past.   Whether dog-sledding, kayaking, mountain climbing, or the more sedate options of hiking and taking amazing landscape photographs, Nunavut is brimming with natural wonders to make any visit unforgettable.

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