Destination Review: Singapore

The Luxe Factor: The city of "Crazy Rich Asians"

BY Arjun Sekri



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For a city that got its start as an anything-goes free trade port, Singapore has come a long way to become one of Asia’s most contemporary, orderly and sparklingly attractive cities. This hub for international business, shipping, oil and banking is notorious for its strict laws that keep the city/state neat, safe, and as a result, a great place to visit. Visitors to Singapore can join the locals in their two favorite pasttimes, shopping and eating, of which you’ll find an incredible array of choices in both. The city’s Orchard Road is lined with hundreds of shops that stay open late and offer everything from haute couture to electronics. Throughout Singapore you’ll find an amazing selection of restaurants offering every kind of cuisine — with its long history as a cultural crossroads and a population that’s a mix of Chinese, Malay, Indian and European influences, you’ll find a local cuisine that draws on many different traditions to create something that’s entirely its own (including the local favorite, spicy white pepper crab). Singapore’s no-frills hawker centers are a great way to have an incredible and inexpensive meal.

1.  Marina –

2. Orchard Street –

3. Sentosa –

4. Singapore Zoo –

5. Universal Studios Singapore –

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